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We love shoes


Stina has a master degree in Marketing Communications Management and was working with PR and marketing in the TV and movie industry.


Stina is nonconformist; eager to explore new territories of both design and marketing, among other things striving at changing the “all black” shoe mentality to embrace adventurous shoe design.


Thus Anders and Stina complement each other in the development of new styles with their different attributes. Both Anders and Stina are involved in the development of new styles and together they make a great pair. Functionality and adventure is complementary in Rugged Gear.

Rugged Gear is Danish designed shoes for men, women, kids and tweens.

Rugged Gear is uncompromising design in line with current trends and with an adventurous and quality conscious approach to shoe design.

The shoe brand is founded by Anders and Stina Granhof, who design and develop the shoes from first thought to final product with an eye for the high demands we place on footwear today: It has to be trendy, usable and durable.

Anders has a profound understanding of both the essence of shoe production and the market after having been in the business for 14 years as a distributor of other brands.

Anders is the “nerd” caring about the technical details of shoe production – from last to toe protection, from lace to zipper quality, from leather quality to outsole functionality etc..


All details are taken into consideration when developing new styles in order to meet his own demands on quality and comfort.

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